Up Coming Events

BY POPULAR DEMAND WE ARE STAYING OPEN IN NOVEMBER!!!!  And here's the best part - no entry fees!  That means you and all your besties can come and visit for free!  We only ask that if you like what you see and had a good experience, please leave us a donation (it helps to keep our lights on!).  We will be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays only from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  Eric and Lynette will be here to gyuide you through the museum and Archeodome.  This is really the best time to visit us.  There are no crowds, you can take all the time you need to see all the exhibits and dig site.  Our end of season sale in the Shoppe Antiquary will continue just for you!  While you are in the Shoppe Antiquary, ask about our new White Buffalo Turquoise jewelry - it's the real thing!  White Buffalo Turquoise is not a true turquoise, it is a variety of quartz that has been given the moniker of buffalo turquoise.  There are many fake pieces that are sold to unsuspecting buyers, but, you can be assured that we have the real White Buffalo jewelry.  There's nothing like it!


Your support is important to the 1,700 schoolchildren who visit our site each year!

Located at

3200 Indian Village Road
Mitchell, South Dakota 57301

Just 5 minutes northwest of the Corn Palace!



October 21st, 2017 is
International Archaeology Day!

Observe the day with us as we give tours of our dig site and museum.  From 9:00am to 5:30pm